What is Life Roast?

Sometimes life is so hard and unpredictable... and funny. This is probably why Murphy's laws were invented. Don't you think they're pretty old? Ever thought of your own?

It's time to make new laws! Better ones! Funnier ones! Maybe even more popular ones! It's time to roast life!

No matter what area you're more experienced in- business, entertainment, medicine, education or any other, we know you have hilariously funny rules of how life works.

Join, share your roasts with friends. Make fun of it! Roast it and win!

Game is divided in seasons. Each season winner will receive our secret prize and new season will begin. Season ending will be announced later on depending on member activity so that everyone gets equal chances. Voting rules:
  • You can't vote for your uploads
  • Each visitor can vote every 24h for the same roast
  • Registered visitors can add or remove 1 point
  • Not registered visitors add/remove 0.5
  • Intentional other member deranking gets your account banned
Rules for comments:
  • No links
  • English only
  • No swearing or insulting
  • Members with higher than your rank can Mark your comment. 10 marks will get comment removed and you will loose 1 point from your ranking
What else? Oh yeah!... Happy Life Roasting!

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Total Members: 104
Total Laws: 572
Average laws/member: 5.5

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